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People are often told to “find your passion”, but how sound is this advice? When starting a new activity, such as art, you may encounter a difficulty and instead of pushing on to overcome said difficulty you instead drop it because “it must not be the right thing for you”. This leads to a never-ending search for what truly interests/excites you.

By constraining yourself to this fixed mindset of “I have to find my passion”, you are discouraging yourself from potentially trying new things. For example, if you were watching a tutorial on car repairs, you might tell yourself that the topic is boring, and you would never be interested in such a thing. Without trying, how do you know? Does it mean that if you can’t find a research topic that interests you right away, that you won’t find interest in it later or upon further research? A life of restrictions is a boring life. By trying new things, you might stumble upon your lifetime joy. As mentioned in Stanfords article, *“If you look at something and think, ‘that seems interesting, that could be an area I could make a contribution in,’ you then invest yourself in it…You take some time to do it, you encounter challenges, over time you build that commitment.”. *

Develop your passion

is a more accurate term because it encourages the mindset of pushing through difficulties and gives you the feeling of accomplishment as you learn new things/overcome challenges.

Develop Your Passion

When I first started Photoshop, it was out of necessity; not choice. It was a rough start as I would take various pre-made images and splice them into horrid shapes. Or I would copy paste 20 some characters into a city view then apply the most vibrant filters which would result in something that nobody should ever witness. However, I continued with the program and through the help of YouTube tutorials and my own practice, I was able to overcome a multitude of “roadblocks” and various other challenges (Re-learning methods I had learned incorrectly, coming back after quitting and learning new styles). I have now come to enjoy Photoshop as a hobby and am grateful for what it enables me to do. Had I given up when I encountered that first roadblock, I may have never found out how much I’d end up enjoying it.

The road of developing your passion is a long one, but it is also a road well worth traveling. A passion isn’t something you just find, that is already structured in such a way that it’ll grab your interest. Instead, you develop that passion to meet your own ideals and desires. Develop it in a way that’s unique to you so that it really is something you’re are passionate about.

This same concept can apply to jobs. If you pick an IT desk job because that’s what you enjoy, you may never find out how much more you enjoy managing/directing a team of people because the idea of being in a leadership role may seem intimidating at first. Of course, this doesn’t mean to throw away all that you have and focus on one specific hobby/activity. Remain open minded and be willing to work past the challenges and you may surprise yourself.

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