We’ll be starting off our tour guide edition of aninspire with Tokyo; Japans capital and the world’s most populous metropolis. Tokyo was originally known as Edo, a small castle town, but was renamed to Tokyo (Eastern Capital) in 1868 when the emperor moved there.

Slightly off topic from the focus of this post, but Tokyo ranks first in the Global Economic Power Index and third in the Global Cities Index. It was ranked by Trip Adviser as the “best overall experience” for travelers and the Most Livable City in the World by Monocle. It was also host to the 1964 Summer Olympics and will be host to the 2020 Summer Olympics!

Tokyo offers numerous amounts of shopping locations, historic views in districts such as Asakusa, a multitude of museums and abundant green space. The metropolis truly has a bit of everything for everyone and days, if not weeks, could be spent within the city without growing tired of it. This guide will cover several must see sites, cost of travelling and more!


Akihabara, aka Akiba, is famous for its many electronic shops that line the streets, but it is also the center for Japans Otaku culture. Akihabara is a district located in central Tokyo that, only recently, began to include anime/manga. The electronic stores offer everything from the latest computers, gadgets, home appliances, phones and much more! However, due to voltage differences, most of the electronics are only available for use in Japan but there are stores that sell electronics that can be used overseas.

Only in the last decade did Akihabara become a center for Japanese Otaku Culture, and it has rapidly taken over the once electronic centered district. Maid cafes, manga cafes, anime stores and other anime related business have all cropped up. Some of these locations are listed below.

Don Quijote | Radio Kaikan | Super Potato | Mandarake | Gundam Café |

Koishikawa Korakuen

Koishikawa Korakuen is one of Japans oldest and best gardens; built in the Edo period, the garden was named after a poem. This park is like a smaller version of central park from NYC; it contains numerous walking paths around beautiful trees and flowers with a backdrop of Tokyo Metropolis.

The park is beautiful all year, but especially so in November and early December due to the fall colors. There are dozens of maples planted around the park and there is even a small grove of hidden Ginkgo trees near the southeast corner. Another notable time to visit the park is during the Plum Season, aka cherry blossom, which turn the park into a beautiful pink.

This park is located near the Tokyo Dome, which is a huge baseball stadium.


Getting to Tokyo and staying in Tokyo isn’t cheap; here are a list of the prices you can expect for the flight, hotel and meals.

Flight: While it varies by where you’re flying from, you can expect about 1200 USD.

Hotel: Hotels aren’t as expensive as one may think, with an average price 50 USD a night!

Meals: Price for meals are fairly standard, at around 17 USD.


Toyko, and Japan in general, is an expensive place to visit; however, it is worth it. The many historical sites, delicious foods, amazing buildings, unique shops and so much more truly make it a worthwhile experience

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