Wintertime isn’t just a time period in which the temperature drops, and nature enters hibernation. It is also an opportunity to experience the various activities that arise within this time. These activities aren’t solely restricted to going outside, so those of you who want to avoid the chilly weather can also find something fun to do. The list will include outdoor activities, indoor activities and just general wintertime activities.


Generally most of the activities will include using snow, which not everyone gets, but here is a list of snow activities.

    Ice Skating | Many shopping malls or shopping centers set these up for the winter and they’re generally pretty cheap!

    Snowball Fight | Lots of fun but make sure to wear warm clothing!

    Build a snow-person | Lots of fun until someone knocks it down…

    Sledding | Find a nice big hill and take your sled down it!

    Collecting Pine Cones | I’ll touch on this topic again further on, but these make for great decorations!


Cold weather isn’t everyone’s cup of tea so we compiled a small list of activities you can enjoy in the warmth and comfort of your home!

    Bake Cookies! | Cookies and hot chocolate are perfect for the winter. Making the cookies on your own or others is also a lot of fun!

    Cozy up in a nice warm blanket | Wrapping a nice fluffy blanket is an activity best enjoyed in the winter. Netflix and chill!

    Watch some classic or modern holiday movies! | Best enjoyed with delicious cookies and hot chocolate!

    Decorate | Painted pine cones, or even regular pine cones, make for fantastic decorations! If you need ideas for decorations, take a look at this other aninspire post!

More Wintertime Activities

This list sort of combines the previous two, but with a small twist! There is more of a focus on making the most of the cold weather and less of enjoying it.

    Watch the snow fall | Sometimes all we need is some peace and quiet to reflect, and watching snowflakes is the perfect opportunity.

    Warm Drinks | Nothing makes you feel as warm and cozy (besides a blanket!) than a nice, hot drink to wrap your hands around!

    Jigsaw Puzzles | Sometimes Jigsaw Puzzles can be very…infuriating, however they can also be a lot of fun!


Just like any season, winter has its ups and downs but we should always make the most of what we have.  Most importantly, stay safe out there! Ice and snow make for dangerous driving conditions as bot a driver and pedestrian. Not wearing appropriate clothing for the weather can also make you sick. We hope this list gave you some fun ideas of what you can do this winter season and you stay safe!

Further Reading

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