Every New Year, I find myself looking back and looking forward. I look back at the past year. I think about everything that happened. I look back on photos, moments I shared with friends and family. I look back on what I did, and what I could have done. I hold regrets, and I’m also grateful for what I’ve experienced.

I look back through the past year, and each time, I am shocked that a year has gone by so quickly.

And so I look forward. I make resolutions. I make goals. I hope for certain things to happen. I make plans to achieve the goals I’ve set for myself. I think about upcoming events and things I have to do this year. I hope for the best.

I look forward to the year ahead of me, and each time, I realize that a year can go by so quickly.

So quickly that I forget to be present. I forget to look around and appreciate what’s happening right now; how I feel, how I’m reacting, how everyone around me looks and how I feel about them. A year can go by so quickly, and so do the memories each moment within that year hold.

This New Year, I don’t want to spend my time looking back and looking forward. I want to be present, and enjoy each moment the best I possibly can. I want to take the time to appreciate everything each moment this New Year brings me. And I hope the rest of you do as well.

Happy New Year. Don’t let it go by so quickly.

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