The Beginning

To understand why Tsukei was founded, we must begin with my first experience with anime communities; which occurred mid-2016. This was a very eventful year for me and the events that unfolded then set the very first foundations for Tsukei.

At this time, I had only recently started watching anime and I had a fascination for a game called ROBLOX. This game allowed people to not only create and play their own games, but also take part in various user-created communities. One day, around June 2016, I happened to stumble upon a community called Anime Zone which I became very dedicated to. In my first month there, I had managed to befriend a staff member named “Kei” who was in line to take over the community when the existing owners retired.Anime Zone Logo

Our friendship led to him promoting me into the staff team and his own wait didn’t last long because within my first month there, he had taken the community for his own. Because he was now in dire need of staff, and we were now acquainted with one another, he promoted me to the position of co-owner; which was my first time ever holding a position of power. With very limited knowledge on how to run a community, but with a strong dedication, I had soon started running ads, hosting events, and managing the entire staff team.

Slightly off topic, but it was during this period that I also picked up Photoshop and began learning how to use it. I had promised the owner that I could create him a new logo, but I had no experience with Photoshop at the time so I quickly began to devour youtube tutorials in an effort to learn.

Under my management, the community grew from just under 1000 members to well over 5000.

Managing this rapidly growing community was not easy, but I loved what I was doing as it provided me both a creative outlet (through Photoshop) and I was able to interact with so many different people from all over the world. During my time there, I not only began to understand how a community should function, but I also came across a very special person who was essential for the creation of Tsukei: Emilia.

I can’t say our first impressions of each other were the best. She also quickly rose the ranks within the community and I felt that my position was threatened because the owner was now directing his attention towards her. However, I simply continued to do what I had been doing before and soon enough, Emilia and I had become well acquainted with one another.

This all lasted several months, up through November, during which time a divide had grown between the owner and I. While I do not remember the reason behind it, the owner decided that he no longer needed me which led to him expelling me from the community. While I no longer had access to the community chats, Emilia and I remained in contact during this time and she, of her own volition, resigned and left the community.

My Time in AaMC

Now, it may seem as if this was all that lead to Tsukei’s creation and that this marks the end of this tale, but there was one more community that I was a part of before Tsukei was even an idea. Anime and Manga Club (AaMC) was, and still is, the largest anime community on ROBLOX with 45,000+ ROBLOX members at the time and over 3,000 Discord members.

I was first introduced to the community when Kei, the owner of Anime Zone, entered into a conflict (pointless drama) with AaMC. This conflict lead to me becoming acquainted with Tyler, who was the Co-Owner of AaMC at the time. When I left Anime Zone, Tyler offered me a staff position within AaMC and I readily accepted. This was around December 2016.AaMC8

My quick promotion was naturally met with opposition. However, over time I grew to become friends with the majority of the staff team and the community. Within just a couple months, I had achieved a Council position which gave me new authority within the group, and now allowed me to make decisions on the behalf of the community. I introduced monthly contests, weekly events, submission galleries, interview forms, staff guides, and so much more; all funded by me. My time in AaMC was arguably during the “golden age” of the community and when I eventually left, many of my projects fell apart and

Anime and Manga Club is now but a shell of its former self.

As mentioned, all good things must come to an end and due to drama within the council, I had garnered the dislike of one of the Co-Owners. While I was not demoted, the drama lead to my resignation in May 2017 and leaving AaMC behind me.

All Things Anime Begins

It was at this time that Emilia, who was absent for several months, returned and had the idea of creating our own community. At first, I was against the idea because I no longer wanted to manage a community but as I thought about it, one realization dawned on me: I had truly enjoyed my time within these communities and my work can account for the majority of the growth that they experienced. logonewIt was always some sort of conflict with a higher power that led me to leaving. If I owned my own community, I would be able to put my ideas into action and not worry about losing all the work I had done because a superior had deemed me to be an enemy of theirs.

With my mind set, the process of selecting a name for the community began. It took several days, but Emilia and I eventually settled on All Things Anime; which we created in July 2017. Soon after this, Emilia once again went missing and it wasn’t until January 2018 that she reappeared. Talks once again resumed about the community and with a solid idea in place, we began to set it up.

Banners were made, info was typed up, friends were invited and advertisements were created. The community officially launched in February 2018 and its growth was steady.

Then, all of a sudden, on March 16th 2018, Emilia resigned from her position as Owner

and gave the community to me. While this was a drastic change, the support that I received from the staff team and the community allowed me to keep going.

The Next Chapter

December 2018 marked the next big change for All Things Anime. After much deliberation, we had decided to rename the community to Tsukei. We wanted a name that would not restrict us to one genre, but would instead allow us to cover a wider breadth of topics. The simplicity of the name also makes it much more appealing.SpringLogoSmall
While the future is uncertain, Tsukei will continue to exist for many more years to come. We have so many ideas planned (which we won’t reveal quite yet) and I hope that all of you can continue to follow Tsukei on its journey.

6 thoughts on “Tsukei Origin

  1. This has been such a long ride. I am glad I was apart of the staff of one of my most favorite communities. Even though I was not there for most of the events that have taken place, I have to say it has been fun. -Ivan, Moderator of ATA


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