On Thursday, July 18, an arson attack was carried out at Kyoto Animation’s studio, resulting in the death of 34 people. This attack is a significant loss not only on human life, but the loss of the studio’s creative work.

Kyoto Animation beautifully brings stories and places to life, to the point where places featured in their animations have become pilgrimage destinations for many fans. Their distinctive style in meticulously detailed character designs, vivid and colorful scenery, and eccentric slapstick comedy won the hearts of many around the world.

In honor of Kyoto Animation, we would like to highlight some of the most beautiful animation the studio has created:

If you would like to learn more about Kyoto Animation and its history, here are some useful links:
  The History of Kyoto Animation by Jet Nebula of Honey’s Anime

  The Evolution of Kyoto Animation by kViN of Sakuga Blog

  What Makes Kyoto Animation So Special by Nick Creamer of Anime News Network

If you would like to #HelpKyoAniHeal, Sentai Works has set up a fundraiser. You can donate here.

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