Guest writer: Tsuka#4427

Well hello there! I’m Tsuka and here’s my list of Top 10 Video Games of 2019. It will comprise of the most played and hyped up games of this year, which are very fun and worth your money. It was a tough choice, to make so without further ado, let’s get into this!

10. Apex Legends


At number 10 we have the free to play Battle Royale known as Apex Legends.

Now, don’t judge me for this, but it has amazing graphics and is fun to play when you literally have nothing else to do. I only put it at 10 because it’s not the most hyped up game of 2019 (compared to others on this list of course), so that’s why it’s here.

9. Crackdown 3


Now, taking the number 9 spot, we have Crackdown 3, a third person shooter that has taken way too long to release.

Now, this game might be a tad bit controversial because of the many–and I mean many–setbacks for its release in February of this year. It has absolutely stunning graphics and some really cinematic action sequences. Might I add this game has explosions? Yeah, well this game has a plethora of explosives that you can mess around with to destroy the environment (just for the giggles, obviously). But because of its many setbacks, it gets stuck at number 9.

8. Kingdom Hearts 3


This game is the 3rd instalment of the best Disney crossover series ever, Kingdom Hearts 3.

Okay so, for those who haven’t heard of Kingdom Hearts, it’s a story of a boy named Sora who meets some Disney characters and then goes on an adventure where he ends up fighting baddies, but with this new instalment, we have a plethora of new Disney characters with a brand new and exciting story (which is actually worth playing through fully.) The cutscenes are as amazing as ever and the combat system is just as great, which is why it’s chilling at number 8.

7. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice


I feel like I don’t need to give any context as to why this game is at number 7, but I’ll say it anyway: this game is so difficult, but at the same time, so much fun. I never knew someone could sit there for hours trying to beat one boss without breaking a controller into two pieces. But nevertheless, this game is so freaking amazing. But it’ll stay at 7.

6. Super Mario Maker 2

super mario

This game is honestly surprisingly fun and I enjoyed making my friends suffer with my impossible levels. The game adds a ton of new features which I’m not going to get into, but I highly recommend checking this game out if you like watching people struggle.

5. Devil May Cry 5


At number 5 we have Devil May Cry 5, like what I did there? Anyways let’s get to explaining why this is number 5.

The 6th instalment of the Devil May Cry series brings us a brand new story along with a few new gimmicks and some new characters that join our main protagonist. The game takes place in a post apocalyptic city and it’s (like every game on this list) a great way to kill time, it got solid ratings and rather interesting reviews. I highly recommend you check this game out. Especially if you’re a fan of the Devil May Cry series.

4. Mortal Kombat 11

mortal kombat

Okay, where do I begin with this one? This game is so wonderful. I swear, it kept me and my friend busy for a whole weekend just learning the new characters and some sick combos. This game was played at Evo 2019 and some other big tournaments this year too. Everyone who is a big fan of the Mortal Kombat series agrees that this game is the best fighting game of 2019 (DBFZ is still better, but that doesn’t count since it came out in 2018). This installment also introduces custom skill sets making for new and interesting play styles!

3. Pokemon Sword/Shield


Pokemon Sword/Shield are the newest editions to the mainstream Pokemon games. Taking the world by storm on November 15th 2019, this game comes with a ton of Pokemon as well as a brand new story and a whole bunch of other things too! You can become even stronger with the power of Dynamax or Gigantamax, and with these powers, you must take down every gym leader and become the next Pokemon master!

2. Borderlands 3


It was a long and exhausting year but this game really lightened the mood for most fans of this series, at number 3 we have Borderlands 3.

It’s so amazing that it could’ve been number 1 if it didn’t get replaced with the other game I have in mind. This game is the 3rd installment of the Borderlands series and it’s freaking fantastic, this game is a great way to kill time and a fun stress reliever as well. I hope you all enjoy it as well!

1. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare


This new edition of the Call of Duty series brings a whole ton of brand new content to the table with a brand new storyline and some new stuff in the updated online PVP that makes people want to hit you with a bus. But regardless, this game’s graphics are high-end (especially if you have the PS4 Pro or the Xbox One X) and it’s an absolutely great way to turn your friends into your enemies. This game is just overall fun in terms of the story aspect as well as the online competitive aspect. I hope you have just as much fun as I did while playing this masterpiece of a game!

Well, if you agree with this list be sure to share with your friends and whatnot. Anyways, this is Tsukareta signing out. Peace!

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