As many of you have probably guessed from the title and banner, Tsukei has just received its largest update to date! Akiara, our custom bot and mascot, has been under heavy development for the past several months to bring several amazing new features for all of you to use! This major update includes, but isn’t limited to: Customizable profile cards, a multitude of new ways to earn Neki, Levels, and other various features. Each of these will be covered in more detail below. All future updates to Akiara will be announced in the bot_dev Discord channel and most of her commands will be locked to aki_cmds.

This huge update to Akiara will be but one of many as we have many more plans for her development. While she will remain private to Tsukei, her reach will likely begin to extend outside of Discord in the future. Thank you for supporting Tsukei and I hope you enjoy all that Akiara has to offer.


Profile Cards

Akiara now has her very own profile card system in place! You can customize these profile cards with a wide variety of cosmetics which are purchasable in the store. We’ll add new cosmetics both on a monthly basis and ones that will only be available for a short period of time around holidays. Cosmetics include Stickers, Badges, Backgrounds, and Titles. At any one time, you may only have two stickers, nine badges, one background, and six titles displayed on your profile. Unlike the other cosmetics, Titles are not purchasable and are only available as exclusive rewards.

Due to us not having an online console, browsing the item shop can become rather tedious. To help make it easier for you, all cosmetics that are available for purchase are listed on our website here:

To purchase a cosmetic, all you need is the item ID (which is always 5 digits long) and then you’re good to go! As an example: !buy 10001. For more info on cosmetics and profile cards, please follow both the above link.


Levels and EXP

MEE6 will be departing from Tsukei and with it all the levels it has saved, BUT never fear. Everyone in Tsukei was was at least level 23 with MEE6 prior to June 2nd will have their levels transferred over to Akiara. To those under level 23, I offer my apologies as attempting to bring over everyone by hand would become very time consuming on our end. However, with the introduction of EXP boosters, regaining your level plus some shouldn’t be too much of a challenge!

We are using the same formula as Mee6 to calculate levels and EXP, but while that may seem daunting at first (due to how long it takes to level up at higher levels), the aforementioned EXP boosters will help you reach new heights.

EXP Boosters are stack-able (as in you may have multiple in your inventory), consumable items that boosts your EXP gain by the listed % for 12 hours. This means you can own multiple at a Moji3time and only use them when you see fit. Of course, these items aren’t cheap, but those who can afford it will notice a considerable boost to EXP gain. More information on EXP Boosters can be found in the shop channel within the Discord server.

On a final note for Levels and EXP, Akiara will now post a level up image in chat when you advance to a new level. It’ll detail how much exp you need to level up again, and the shape surrounding your level will change every 10 levels Moji3(think Steam). Currently you do not have the ability to customize the BG of your rank up image, but we will add an option for this in a future update.



No longer will you have to worry about losing all your Neki on betflips as your main source of income. The update to Akiara comes with a slew of new commands that allow you to earn Neki. Moji3These commands are, at the moment, a little basic but as we continue to develop Akiara we’ll work on making them more creative and engaging.

The new commands are: !daily, !work, !crime, !fish, !chop, !hunt, and our old friend !betflip. All of these commands have a cool-down period and cost you nothing to use (except for betflip). Resources gathered from fishing, chopping, and hunting must be sold manually to earn your Neki.

As a little cherry on top, we’ve also introduced a bank! You can now hold your hard earned Neki in two different locations, your pocket or your bank account. Neki deposited in the bank will earn you interest which is compounded weekly every Sunday. The standard rate is .5% (0.005) though you are able to increase it by subscribing to Tsukei (more information below). Neki must be withdrawn from your bank in order to spend it.

If you donated to Tsukei in the past and had an outstanding Neki balance with Kanna at the time of this update going live, then we have a special thank you gift in store for you. You are eligible to transfer your Neki over in the form of cosmetic items. You are only able to transfer Neki up to the amount you donated and any excess Neki will be lost. We’ll begin reaching out to donators who qualify as soon as the update goes live. Thank you for supporting Tsukei!


Subscriptions & Neki Mint

We’ve given our donation system a whole new look and converted it into subscriptions. By subscribing to Tsukei, you can both receive a wide variety of rewards (including but not limited to: exclusive cosmetics, monthly exp boost rewards, and higher bank interest) and support the development of Akiara.

If a certain cosmetic catches your eye but you find that you can’t quite afford it, you can buy neki through the Neki Mint. Unlike subscriptions, Neki is deposited into your account almost instantly. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to staff if any issues arise.


Bug Reports & Suggestions

If you’ve found a bug, would like to make a suggestion, or have a current cosmetic replaced with a better version then the following links apply to you. All suggestions will be considered and we’ll do our best to fix reported bugs in a timely manner.

  • To report a bug, go here.
  • Feature suggestions must be made in the suggestions channel of our Discord server. Only 3 feature suggestions may be suggested at a time in total.
  • For small suggestions like adding a new message to !work or !crime or swapping a cosmetic, should be made here.


Closing Notes

I’m so excited to finally make this project public to all of you. I hope you enjoy it and support further development of Akiara. We’ll make public in bot_dev a list of some of the features (not all so we can have some surprises) we have planned for future addition.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to any staff member with questions that you may have and PLEASE go the “Discord” tab on our website on how to get started with the bot.

The majority of the graphics found within Akiara (aside from most cosmetics) were made by us to use specifically with the bot. Some things, like emotes, were not created by us and will eventually be replaced.

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