Another major Akiara update is here! While this certainly isn’t to the same scale as when we moved from V1 to V2 (hence the .5), we have added a lot of new features and made changes to existing ones. This post will outline all the changes that have been made and I hope you are as excited as we are to start using them!

This update to Akiara will be but one of many as we have many more plans for her development. While she will remain private to Tsukei, her reach will likely begin to extend outside of Discord in the future. Thank you for supporting Tsukei and I hope you enjoy all that Akiara has to offer.


EXP Capsule

At this point, most of you are probably very familiar with the boost system. You could buy a exp boost, use it, and increase the rate of EXP you gained. Many of you also probably noticed that the price of these didn’t really fit well with what you got out of it. So, in light of this, we’ve completely overhauled the boost Shop_Page_Boostsystem! Before I continue, EXP Boosts have been renamed to EXP Capsules as it’s both more unique and fits their new look.

Now, whenever you use a exp capsule, it will affect the entire server for a two hour period. Not impressed? The person who activates the capsule also gets 2% of all the exp gained by everyone during that time period. Still not enough to warrant the cost? As a final note, after the capsule you activated expires, people will be able to tip you up to 500 Neki for your generosity! Oh, and there’s no tax on the tip. Please keep in mind that you must have your DM’s open to receive a summary of exp gained, get the option to tip someone, and any other Akiara messages.

How much does this cost? A 25% capsule costs 25,000 Neki, a 50% capsule 45,000 Neki, and a 100% capsule 90,000 Neki. Certainly an improvement over Inventory_Booststhe previous prices! For people concerned about losing EXP Boosts, everyone who had an EXP Boost at the time of this update has had it converted into an EXP Capsule at an appropriate rate.

As a final note on EXP changes, these are not stackable so if someone activates a 25% exp capsule but you want to activate a 100% capsule, you must wait until the 25% capsule expires. Also, to make ad weeks and special events more exciting, we’ll be boosting exp server wide by 50% during those times. Yes, that 50% server wide boost does stack with EXP Capsules.


Rank Up Rewards

At this point you’re probably thinking to yourself, “OK, EXP can be gained much faster now but why should I bother leveling up?”. Well, we’ve got you covered. The list of rewards can be found here.

Before I get too far into this, I want to clear any worries that exKamiisting Tsukei members may have. You will be caught up on all the rewards that you’re due at the time of this update going live. However, if by chance we missed you, please contact either Ivan or Vme. Rank up rewards are handed out when you reach one of the level roles within Tsukei. Those being:

  • Shimin – 4
  • Oshaberi – 10
  • Jouren – 15
  • Kazoku – 20
  • Kuge- 30
  • Daimyo – 40
  • Mao- 55
  • Hiro- 70
  • Kami- 100
  • Omoikane- 125
  • Kojin- 150

You may notice a few new ranks in there, as well as a rank rename. Level 70 has been renamed to Hiro and Kami has been bumped up to 100. More and more Kojinpeople have been reaching the old cap of 70, with one person already above 100, so we were long overdue for new roles.

As mentioned, each rank up comes with its own reward. Please make sure you have DMs enabled so that Akiara can message you to inform you of your new rewards! The list of rewards can be found here.

Interest caps probably caught your eye pretty quickly when you were looking through the rank up rewards. These caps limit the amount of Neki you can earn per week through having it deposited in your bank account. Especially with the large influx of Neki into the economy following this update, keeping everything as stable as possible is crucial. It is unlikely that many of you will even have to worry about the caps and if you are able to amass a fortune large enough to hit them, you’ll be earning a decent amount of passive income.

Rank badges are specially designed to commemorate you reaching a certain rank. Akiara starts handing them out once you reach Kuge, and they can be equipped to both your profile card and EXP card (more on this later…).


Weekly Leaderboard

Yeah, chatting with your friends and earning rewards for leveling up is cool and all, but especially at higher levels it can take what feels like forever to get that next reward. However, you’re in luck because Weekly Leaderboards haveWeekly_Leaderboard been added! These show the top 10 users within the server by their total messages sent for a one week period. To avoid spam, this works similarly to EXP in that it only counts 1 message per minute. It also ignores bot channels so people who spend all day farming don’t have an unfair advantage.

Once a day the leaderboard will update so when checking it, please keep in mind it hasn’t yet accounted for any messages that were sent on the current day. The leaderboard resets every Sunday at 12am EST and also sends out rewards to the top 5 individuals for that week. The list of rewards can be found here.

Please keep in mind that the games are not automatically awarded so please be patient! The title will stay in the inventory of the prior weeks winner until the reset time, after which it will transfer to the new winner. This process is automatic.


Heaps of New Subscriber Rewards

Subscriber perks could definitely use a bit of attention, so we did just that in this update. I’d like to start off with the reward you’ll probably be most excited for, that being a boost to the amount of EXP you gain for the duration of your subscription. And yes, this stacks with both the EXP capsules AND the server wide 50% exp boost. Now that’s a lot of EXP.

The EXP boost goes as follows:

  • Patron – 50%
  • Advanced – 100%
  • Elite -150%
  • Premium – 200%

Once again, this EXP boost will last the duration of your donation and stacks with both the server wide 50% boost and EXP capsules. Aside from EXP, [T]-Premium-Daily-Streak-1subscribers can also look forward to another reward, increased amounts of Neki from using !daily.

Rather than listing out all the amounts here, you can instead follow this link for all of the new values. Not only will the EXP amount be increased, but depending on your sub tier, the daily UI will also look different. Please consider subscribing to Tsukei to help us further develop the bot and improve the Tsukei experience for everyone. If you aren’t comfortable signing up for a reoccurring subscription, you can also just send the equivalent amount for a sub tier to or

Thank you!

Misc. Changes

The following changes aren’t easily grouped into their own separate categories, so instead they’ll be listed here. The first change of note is that we’re enabling EXP in all bot channels. Now, this won’t be at the same rate as regular chat channels. Rather than 15-25 exp per minute, you’ll only gain 5-10 exp per minute when using a bot channel. This is to account for the tendency of people to use multiple commands for minutes or hours on end. Having the rate be the same wouldn’t be fair, but also excluding bot users from exp gain is also unfair so we hope that you are content with this compromise.

The next change to note is that the EXP card, !xp, has been updated! The layout of several things have changed and you now have the ability to equip [T]-EXP-Uibadges on your xp card. This is a great opportunity to flex your rank up badges, or just show of your favorite badge collection. The decision is yours and we’re excited to see what you’ll come up with. Somewhat of a spoiler, but we will be allowing you to begin customizing the background of the exp card in a future QOL update. Stay tuned!

We’ve also made a small update to the price of common tier cosmetics. Their original price of 6,000 Neki has been reduced to 5,000. This is the final update that we’ll make to its price.

Final thing of note is that the shop UI has been updated. Akiara now greets you when you open the shop and she currently has 10 different messages for you to read! These are rotated randomly and we’ll be adding more in the future.

Closing Notes

Thank you to everyone who has helped to support the development of Akiara bot. We aren’t a large team and making Akiara exclusive to Tsukei has definitely made it more difficult to grow, but I’m excited by what the future holds for her. Huge thank you to Vme, Cloudy, Hydro, Ivan, members of the Akiara planning committee, our subscribers, and you, the community.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to any staff member with questions that you may have and PLEASE go the “Discord” tab on our website on how to get started with the bot.

The majority of the graphics found within Akiara (aside from most cosmetics) were made by us to use specifically with the bot. EXP capsules and all appearances of Akiara were made for us, on commission, by an artist and belong to Tsukei. Using any of these assets is illegal and we will file a DMCA against anyone who is found using them. Thank you for understanding.

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