The Akiara economy can be a little intimidating at first glance, but this guide will help you navigate it all and become a Akiara bot economy pro! Please keep in mind that Akiara bot commands can only be used in one of the two aki_cmds channels.


What is Neki?

Neki is the currency used within Tsukei, managed by Akiara bot, that allows MicroNekiThumbyou to customize your profile card, purchase EXP capsules, and more! There are a variety of ways to earn it which include the below commands or buying it outright.

Checking your Neki balance is really simple and can be done in multiple ways. The most straightforward being through !bank OR !neki. Your Neki balance will also show up when purchasing an item in the shop and it’ll also display on your !profile card.


Fishing, Chopping, & Hunting

These three commands are really the core of how you’ll make most of your Neki. When using the commands !fish, !chop, and !hunt, you’ll be awarded a random set of resources that correlate to your activity. These resources can Fishchophunteither be stockpiled or sold for Neki. Each and every work command does come with a cooldown.

You can check your resource balance through the following command, !fish inventory. To check your hunt or chop inventory, simple replace “fish” with those words. You can also just type “inv” rather than inventory!

To sell and item, use the following command: !hunt sell [name] [amount]. Name would indicate the specific resource and amount being the quantity. Rather than typing a number, you can also just type “all”. Rabbits, Tuna, and Oak sell for 2 Neki. Deer, Squid, and Birch sell for 5 Neki. Unicorns, Excalibur, and Elvenwood sell for 500 Neki.


Work, Crime, Betflip, & Daily

These four commands, or maybe just two of them if you dislike gambling, will workcmdsbe your other source of income. !work will supply you with a small sum of Neki along with a random message. !crime comes with both high risk and high reward. !betflip [amount] lets you bet Neki on a coinflip. You can only bet up to 1000 Neki at a time and 5000 Neki per day.

Even if crime doesn’t pay and betflips don’t go your way, you’re always guaranteed a tidy sum of Neki from !daily. You can increase the amount of Neki that you receive from a daily by subscribing to Tsukei.


Bank Interest

You’re likely familiar with what interest is and Akiara has her own version of it with the bank. Whenever you check you !bank, you may notice a line that indicates your interest rate. Interest is calculated every Sunday based on bankstuffthe amount of Neki you have deposited in your bank account. Neki you do not have deposited in your bank will not accumulate interest.

You can deposit Neki into your bank account using !deposit [amount], or just !dep [amount]. To withdraw Neki, use !withdraw [amount], or !with [amount].You must withdraw Neki to spend it and you must deposit Neki if you wish to earn interest. You can increase the amount of interest that you earn by subscribing to Tsukei.

There is also a cap to the amount of interest you can earn per week, which is dependent on your rank within Tsukei. For more information as to what these caps are, please follow this link.


Cosmetic Rarity

The cosmetic shop is the primary place that you can spend your Neki to raritycustomize your profile. While I’ll just go over the prices here, you can find very detailed information regarding cosmetics at this link.

Cosmetic items are broken up into the following rarities.

  • Common: 5,000 Neki
  • Uncommon: 20,000 Neki
  • Rare: 40,000 Neki
  • Epic: 80,000 Neki
Several times throughout the year we release “limited time cosmetics” which are on sale for a couple weeks. After they go off sale they won’t return to the shop so get them while you can!

Closing Notes

This guide should have answered many, if not all, of the questions you may have had regarding the economy within Tsukei. You can find even more information regarding Akiara bot here, and please don’t hesitate to reach out to our staff if you have any questions.

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