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Inspired from mechanics used in both Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and MMORPGs in general (You can check out a review of BOTW here), Genshin Impact holds an incredibly expansive and immersive experience that is sure to rob you off your feet! And uhm, maybe your wallet too… Aside from that, in this article, we’ll be taking a deep look into what this game is about and the features of it that drives players in!


The Plot

In this RPG, you play as a mysterious “traveler” who had been sent to the world of Teyvat upon being attacked by a mysterious Goddess, and end up having your sibling captured by them along the way – kind of off to a gloomy start. Shortly after, you wake up within the lands of a breach on Teyvat: a fantasy world that houses both humans and elemental gods alike. With your new companion, emergency fo- I mean, Paimon, you embark on a journey to find your lost sibling! Just as in BOTW, you’ll be polluted with side quests that you may decide is more important than saving your sibling. I mean, who doesn’t like feeding ducks and murdering them in front of their owners?

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The World of Teyvat

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Definitely taking the stage as one of the stars of this whole game, Teyvat is an absolutely beautiful world that has its own unique lore and explorations to be discovered! Designed in anime style, there are endless explorations and puzzles to solve within this world – honestly, I still haven’t explored the majority of it and I’ve been playing this game for over 20+ hours this past week. Surprisingly enough, despite all of this the game will somehow manage to run smoothly on most devices, including mobile! If you’ve enjoyed the sightings in BOTW, you’ll definitely have tons of fun with this. Additionally, the exploration of the game heavily encourages the player to constantly be aware of their surroundings, partly because progression in the game does require going through chests; scattered all over the world.

Alongside this, you’ll encounter many characters and follow their stories along your journey! All of which may have familiar voice actors you’ve heard in other anime series/video games – the English dub VA for our main protagonist, Aether, has done work in animes such as providing the voice of Tanjirou Kamado from Demon Slayer! Although, you’ll probably get annoyed from constantly hearing your sidekick often.

Now, the main aspects of the game that have seemed to stem from BOTW is the gameplay. This is where it becomes the closest in terms of similarity. Systems such as the stamina bar, climbing, growing the map over time, and being able to set random locations on a map should immediately give you the vibes of BOTW.

You may think of this to be far too similar to BOTW, however there are a multitude of components that make the game unique in its own way. Genshin Impact takes on the codes and conventions of a traditional RPG, and holds less of an extreme approach towards adventure – the focus within the game is definitely far more on combat rather than adventure. Along with that, Genshin Impact places high value on its story telling, whereas BOTW had been incredibly minimalistic. But to be honest, the main thing I enjoy is the variety of climbing voices. No, I am not joking.

The Wonderful Art of In-game Combat

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The combat in Genshin Impact definitely separates it from the majority of MMORPGs and even BOTW itself and is one of the key features that causes players to come back to the game. The combat is very neat, and is able to transition smoothly along with the loops of searching and looting.

It revolves around switching between a party made up of four characters – with each character having unique features such as utilizing different sorts of weapons (shooting, slicing, and exploding) to having abilities related to their element. Yes, elemental affinities exist in this game. You are able to have elemental synergy by switching between these characters which will lead to more damage and other effects. For example, using water and ice will ultimately cause the enemy to freeze. If ice is used alone, it will only slow the enemy down.

Alongside all of this, fighting against world bosses and enemies can also be done with friends, and is unlocked at adventure rank 16. However, this feels incredibly limited as the guests are usually unable to reap rewards from activities you complete and it will not feel rewarding for them.

The King of Hell: Gachas and Resin

Despite the game being free, there’s still a huge mechanic of the game that will literally rob you of all of your money – referred to as the “gacha”. In anime themed games, you may most likely come across this often. Gachas are similar to loot boxes, which tempts you to use both in-game and real money to attempt to “summon” or “test your luck” on receiving characters, weapons, ect. So essentially, if you want your waifu bad, you’ll need to sacrifice your wallet. However, the game does offer far more than enough content that enables the players to build up in-game currency and not spend a single coin for the character they want, although this will definitely take more planning on building towards.

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Although the gacha isn’t that relevant in the early game, you’ll definitely be seeing yourself approaching this often in the later game in order to obtain resources/characters you can use towards certain roadblocks such as certain areas, or “dungeons” within the game. In all honesty, I’m sure most players find this frustrating as despite potentially being a revolutionary free-to-play game, it throws a heap ton of potential towards this gacha feature, and can ultimately force players into going from spending hours on the games to minutes. Personally, I only spend minutes on this game now due to how frustrated this had been. The gacha itself is also required to fill out the roster of playable characters and weapons, and is incredibly vital towards improving your combat. This genuinely limits the game, and adds onto the frustration.

Alongside with this feature, another feature that is capable of limiting your gameplay is definitely the resin. This is a currency that enables you to access dungeons – one of the main ways to farm materials in the game. However, once you run out of it, you’ll need to either wait 16 hours or pay to restore it. It’s a waste of money, and can honestly go into something else.


In all honesty, I don’t even think I could describe the amount of features that make this game enjoyable. From the mechanic of characters to the enjoyment of puzzle solving in the game, honestly you’ll find enjoyment at every side of this game! All it takes is just a wallet.

Aside from that though, how much time have you put into this game so far? Have you been around since its release? I hope you’ve been having as much fun as I have! But, if your view is not that great, it’s okay we can grieve together on how we couldn’t achieve our waifu. But like, you should spend the money on me instead.


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