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Writer: Ibby#5268

Maybe you’ve been waiting for an anime to watch once it’s finished airing, or maybe you’re just looking for something new to watch. Either way, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, I’ve compiled a short list of anime that has definitely reached my liking, let’s hope there’ll be something that catches your eyes:


1. Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-

Definitely one of the best Isekai series ever made. Most likely, you probably would’ve ignored this anime due to the first episodes being quite annoying or the fandom getting on your nerves with their waifu wars (ahem ahem, I support Emilia) – but, there’s more to this anime that meets your eyes. Although this anime is a part of the isekai genre, it definitely doesn’t follow any of the common tropes you’d see in one.

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To start off, our protagonist Natsuki Subaru is definitely not the best. He isn’t OP, doesn’t have a harem, nor is he that attractive. It wouldn’t seem like it, but this is one of the brilliance of Re:Zero, our MC isn’t anything special and he’s been sent to a world where he’s absolutely clueless on everything and is absolutely overwhelmed by powers beyond his own understanding. To make things worse, the ability he DOES have is something he can’t tell anyone, along with the ability completely damaging him psychologically.

Heck, his ability seems obvious at first but the more you get into the series – it’s just as mysterious as the whole world he’s been sent in. This forces him to rely on other characters, and thus the great arc of character development is quite literally everywhere. Each and every one of these characters hold significance, and will play a crucial part in the story somehow. If you don’t think I’m serious, even some random thugs at the start of the series held importance later on. But aside from that, you’ll definitely be satisfied with the development of our protagonist.

2. Black Clover

Ah yes… the anime most of us probably dropped just because of a short man screaming for the first few episodes. Despite appearing as a copy of a naruto plot and just your average shounen at first, it definitely has its own qualities that make it stand out. Honestly, there’s a bunch of YouTubers who had even given it some time and managed to come out calling it “okay”. Oh, and don’t worry, our main character Asta doesn’t scream for that long. Although, he’s definitely got a whole record for simping over one person for a good 100+ episodes.

However, one of the show’s biggest strengths is definitely the character relationships and the interaction between the characters themselves. No, I’m not talking about some good ol’ Fairy Tail where the characters power quite literally relied on friendship. But, this is one of the aspects that would make you want to continue this show, all of them each have depth into them and even have comedic troupes that carry out throughout the whole series, it’d probably be hard picking a favourite.

The pace of the show itself is definitely a bit fast paced, with the majority of the arcs lasting a good 5-7 episodes; feeling like the show is moving forward constantly. In the anime, there are a number of squads that help enforce law. Our pal Asta, had belonged to the Black Bulls – who were considered the worst squad. Hell, I even watched the show solely because the Black Bulls had been absolutely wonderful to witness.

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This squad definitely takes the spotlight of this show, composed of literal criminals, alcoholics and a boss who literally just came out of his own shounen journey. We have a squad who we are able to emotionally attach ourselves to, and watch them grow as the incredibly close companions who will die for one another. This itself creates the beauty of Black Clover, and with the anime allegedly coming to an end very soon, I’d definitely pick it up for a good binge!

3. Horimiya

Oo, a slice of life and some romance. I’m really not going to lie, but I think the majority of us thought that the lovers in this series would eventually become an actual couple at the near end, but turns out we got a whole couple almost immediately. The story is definitely a classic romcom, but the subtle changes made to it definitely makes the series stand out.

The series is definitely a heartwarming journey, the protagonists having secrets they wished from their classmates yet somehow ended up finding each other for a purely random event that’s definitely hard to explain, where they eventually reveal their secrets slowly and confide in each other as lovers. Even the side characters all have a story to tell, and the best bit of it all? The characters are hot. Like, look at them:

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Hot, I tell you. My main criticism of this anime would definitely be the plot drifting later on in the series. It definitely starts off with originality and even creates a good amount of interest, but slowly it drifts away from our main protagonists and just becomes a comedy. Despite that, if you’re into waifu quality material and a hot looking male protagonist – this is your place to go! It definitely makes one of the better romcoms, even if you’re not that into them.

4. Wonder Egg Priority

At first glance of this show, you would have probably recognised our main protagonist here to have a resemblance to the protagonist of the movie Coraline. Rest assured, they’re not the same person. The anime itself however, has definitely broken beyond boundaries to the point it’s unreal, and definitely one of the better anime to air this year.

To start off, the story revolves around our protagonist, Ooto Ai. The typical awkward person. However, this all changes as she breaks a “wonder egg” after being told to, and was sent to a world that deals with a person’s past trauma in order to escape it. Essentially, she has to conquer the monster of each person’s trauma – quite literally. The monsters themselves serve as manifestations of a person’s trauma, and the trauma itself definitely dives deep into “dark topics” such as bullying, suicide, sexism, ect. But on the bright side, these aren’t explored too deeply so worry not on your emotions.

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We meet a lot more characters too, who each have incredible depth and add more reasoning towards the actions of the main character, including the reason why she partakes in the events that occur throughout the series. Man, even the art and animation is just purely hot. I’d definitely take a look into this, especially if you’re a mystery fan.


So yeah, here’s a small list of anime for you to watch if you ever need something to do. These animes had been on-going are definitely reaching their end soon, but as for me – I’ll be signing off for now. Genshin leaves no man waiting. But, I hope you all have a wonderful day! But, make sure to fix your sitting posture, I see you slouching.

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