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Writer: Zayan#2039

Comedy is a very wide and versatile genre that is somewhat overlooked in the community. It’s usually a sub genre that adds a bit of comedic tone to the story and characters. It’s always fun to have a chuckle watching your favorite show. Let’s explore the genre and look at some opinions from our community members. (Thanks to cal cheese#0200, insomnia#8947, 🌟rui#9994, and Natalie#0296 for the interviews!)


What makes it unique?

“First of all there are different kinds of comedy that appeal to different people, and what I find unique about anime under this category is that it finds the best ways to appeal to a wide audience, whether it be towards a more mature audience or a younger one. With that, you can really see how these creators can get creative and be versatile with how jokes are used and punchlines are placed and lots of people find different things funny, so comedy is really a way that can set the mood when watching a show.”

I find this very agreeable. When it comes to comedy, we all have different tastes and various things that we find funny. Comedies are usually a hit or miss. So, the creator needs to be really creative/humorous to appeal to a wide audience which makes the series versatile and unique. A lot of comedy shows are one of a kind and barely seem repetitive depending on the show you pick. In my opinion, it’s one of the most flexible genre in anime/manga.

What makes it refreshing?

“Straight up continuous funny and sarcastic scenes that don’t feel repetitive. some genres can get way too serious and give off a heavy atmosphere where you feel too much tension that comes along the lines of action, drama, horror etc. For me, it’s good for a character to have a serious side and comedic side so it feels balanced and not overwhelming.”
-cal cheese#0200

This is also plenty agreeable, the perfect examples of this would be Gintama and One Punch Man! What makes these two so refreshing to watch and/or read is the perfect balance between it’s serious and comedic atmosphere. They always maintain the balance. It never gets too overwhelming or underwhelming. There are many more shows in the genre which are really refreshing to see. This trait of the genre makes it very enjoyable.

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Preference: Comedy as a Main or Sub genre?

Sub Genre

(Picked by cal cheese#0200, Insomnia#8947, Natalie#0296)

“Personally I am not a huge comedy fan. I do enjoy it especially when I’m with some friends but I prefer other genres. The fact is that usually anime that have comedy as their main genre lack depth. (I know this might sound edgy) The thing I love the most about media in general is when I feel like something about it has had an impact on me. That happens with great characters, magnificent stories or interesting topics. The same thing doesn’t happen with comedies so I enjoy the anime while I’m watching it but when it ends nothing about it stays in my mind. So, I think comedy is great as a sub genre to avoid the occurrence of the spectator getting bored as a work of art needs some substance to it.“

A fair answer, most people prefer comedy as a sub genre and as something that makes the atmosphere not too tense and nerve racking, which is fairly important.

What do you appreciate about it?

(Picked by ⭐rui#9994)

“A main genre definitely. There are just some days when I need to enjoy something without having to worry about a plot twist or sad time, but as a sub genre it’s also pretty good.”

Personally, I share the same opinion. I prefer comedy as a main genre but don’t mind it being a sub genre either. As a main genre, it’s much more loose and relaxing which I find appealing.


Here are some recommendations if you want to watch more of the comedy genre recommended by community members!

“Grand Blue” and “Daily Lives of High School Boys” (Recommended by cal cheese#0200)
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These two are comedy classics, a must watch if you’re a comedy fan. Grand Blue is an underrated comedy anime with good visuals and a lot of moments that’ll make you laugh out loud. Daily Lives of High School Boys is one of the most refreshing comedy you’ll find with great characters and humor that are really enjoyable.

“Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!” and “Nichijou” (Recommended by Insomnia#8947 )

These are two unique comedy anime with a different approach to comedy, with decent ratings, remarkable characters and quality animation. They’re great shows to watch if you’re already into comedy and haven’t watched them yet.

“The Disastrous Life of Saiki K” and “The Way of the House Husband”(recommended by ⭐rui#9994)
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These shows got popular fairly recent. Saiki K was not that well known at first but then eventually got very popular. The Way of the House Husband is a recent show released by Netflix. Both are fast paced and have some great comedic moments that you can’t get enough of. In my opinion, these are great light-weight shows you can watch after a serious/intense action show to chill a little.

Hunter x Hunter (Reccomended by Natalie#0296)
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If you want a show with a great amount of action and a solid story with comedy as a sub genre, then Hunter x Hunter is the show I would recommend as well. It has a fair amount of comedy which isn’t too much or too little and serious aspects such as action/story as it’s main focus. If you aren’t a huge comedy fan but still enjoy bits of it in action series then Hunter x Hunter is a great show for you.


Comedy has always been a way for authors to put a smile on the audience’s face. There are a never ending number of shows with different kinds of creatively written humor that various people find appealing. It’s even a great way to reduce stress and have a clear mind. It’s a great genre that is definitely worth a try if you haven’t tried it yet. Thanks for reading the article!


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