Akiara, Tsukei’s Adorable and Cheerful Mascot


Here you’ll find a collection of stories about Akiara! The stories are divided between “Main” and “Side”; side being written by the community. Follow her throughout her life and watch as she learns and grows.

Main Story

  • Akiara Chapter 3 October 22, 2019 - Chapter 3 of Akiaras adventures, Foggy Memories.
  • Akiara Chapter 2 September 14, 2019 - Akiara Chapter 2 - A day to Remember
  • Akiara Backstory June 30, 2019 - An introduction to Akiara, her family and her early life.

Side Stories


This gallery shows off fanart of Tsukei’s mascot, Akiara Shiro! Have you created Akiara fanart? Send a message to IIvan#0001 on Discord for a chance to be featured!

Art By Andrea | @annholicart on Insta
Mars Art
Art By Mars#8919
Toast Art
Art By Toast | Toast#9350
Toasty Art
Art By Toast | Toast#9350
Art by Nemo#0275
Art By Meep| MeepMeep#2445