Image source Writer: Zayan#2039 We’ve all heard of shows like One Piece, Naruto, Dragon Ball, etc. These series shaped anime as a whole. But, now if I were to tell you about Gintama which is a show released in the same era as them but not as popular, some of you may haven't even heard … Continue reading Gintama

Cherry Blossoms

Image source Writer: saeshii#9126 Each flower in the world has a specific meaning behind their colors and shape. Some can give a bouquet to a person with different types of flowers to show them how they truly feel. Some flowers symbolize love, forgiveness, gratitude and the like. But I’m not here to talk about different … Continue reading Cherry Blossoms


Image source Guest writer: saeshii#9126 I’ve always been fond of all forms of painting, whether this be done traditionally or digitally. I have no clue what about it makes it interesting. Maybe it’s the way people could just pick up a brush, dip it in any color they want, and let their hands run free … Continue reading Sumi-e