This page is dedicated to the profile cosmetics feature of Akiara Bot. Here, you will find documentation on the feature, miscellaneous information, and links to pages that list all the cosmetics of a certain type. We will continue to update the information found here as development of the bot continues. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact a staff member in Discord or email us at


This section has links to all items available for purchase in the shop. Any cosmetic that is event locked, season locked, or only available for a limited time will not currently be listed here.



This section explains the structure of the profile card and what changes are able to be made inside of it.

  • Your username will not show more than 18 characters and any symbols will be deleted by the bot when displaying the card.
  • You may have up to 6 titles equipped at any one time. If you wish to equip more, you must first un-equip one currently in use.
  • Stickers are displayed on either the Left (L) or Right (R) and any sticker can fit either side. While you may choose to un-equip a sticker on your own, the bot will automatically replace it for you if you attempt to equip a sticker to a slot already in use.
  • Badges are displayed in a grid-like pattern with letters A-C going across vertically and 1-3 going across horizontally. While you may choose to un-equip a badge on your own, the bot will automatically replace it for you if you attempt to equip a badge to a slot already in use.
  • The “about” section has a limit of 200 characters. The text will resize itself based on the amount that you type.
  • While you may choose to un-equip a sidebar on your own, the bot will automatically replace it for you if you attempt to equip a sidebar to a slot already in use.

Each cosmetic that is available for purchase is classified within one of 4 rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Epic. As rarity increases, so too does the price. More tiers may be added in the future and tier prices are subject to change without prior notice or compensation (though changes are very unlikely).

  • Common: 5,000 Neki
  • Uncommon: 20,000 Neki
  • Rare: 40,000 Neki
  • Epic: 80,000 Neki


This section will act as the Q&A regarding the cosmetics and the profile card itself. If you ever unsure of what a certain command does or simply interested in seeing all the commands available for use, please see the entire command list here.

🔹 | What Are Titles? – Titles are a non-purchasable cosmetic that is shown directly underneath the username section on a profile card.
🔸 | How Do I Get a Title? – Titles are given out to individuals on rare occasions as rewards. This can come in the form of a contest reward, giveaway, accomplishment, or other similar means. Staff members will receive a title for each department that they work in.
🔹 | Can I Buy a Title? – Titles are neither available in the shop nor for purchase with real currency.
🔹 | Can I Make Feature Suggestions? – Of course! We’re always open to new ideas for fun features to add to Akiara. You must be at least level 20 within the server to make a suggestion using the bot.
🔸 | Will All Planned Features Be Made Public? – There will be a public list of some of the features that we plan to add. However, not everything will be made public as some features are best left as a surprise.
🔹 | Why Was Feature X Added Before Feature Y? – Some things are either higher on our list of priorities or it’s crucial in making a more popular suggestion easier to implement. Both budget and time constraints also play a part in deciding which features to add first.
🔹 | How Do I Report a Bug? – All bugs can be reported here after which we’ll act on it as soon as possible.
🔸 | If a Bug Causes me to Lose Progress/Items, Will I Get Them Back? – In most cases yes, but we will need to review what happened before making a final decision.
🔹 | People Are Exploiting/Cheating. – If you believe someone is cheating (for example using multiple accounts) or exploiting the bot in any way, please report it to a staff member immediately with solid evidence.


Akiaras currency can either be earned on the server in a variety of ways or be directly purchased. While purchasing Neki is not required to enjoy the features Akiara has to offer, it can enhance your experience while simultaneously help fund the development of the bot. If you are a minor, please talk to your parent or guardian and get permission from them first before purchasing Neki.

Regarding Neki Purchases:


Purchasing | Neki is only purchasable through Akiara by using this link.

Refunds | We will not accept requests for refunds so please ensure you’re only buying the amount you want.

Bonuses | Purchasing larger quantities of Neki will award you with a bonus amount. If you’re interested in purchasing more than is listed as an option, please contact IIvan#0001.

Receiving The Neki | Purchased Neki will automatically be credited to your account. If after 10 minutes you still haven’t received the Neki you purchased, please contact IIvan#0001 with your reciept.